Topik Essay: Intermediate Level 10회

A fire must have lit under my butt because I decided to bust out not only one but TWO essay at the intermediate level. Unsurprisingly, they we full of errors and I needed a lot of help from my Korean tutor, but nonetheless I did it and I’m pretty happy about that. So, I’m now thinking that I will alternate between beginner’s and intermediate level essays and Topik test  videos to give it some balance and for my own sanity as I really like doing things on the intermediate level. So let’s get started:


주제: 갖고 싶은 직업이라는 제목로 글을 써 보십시오. 직업명, 하는 일, 그 일을 하려는 이유, 그 일 필요한 조건

(Topic:Write about the kind of job you want. The job name, type of work, the reason you plan on doing it, and the conditions needed to do it.)

This is what I wrote:

In the future I want to be self-employed. Many people want to work at companies owned by other people, but I want to work alone. The reason I want to be self-employed is because I think I work best when I am in control of everything. Also, I think that independent work suits me very well. For example, I can focus on a task for a long time without getting bored. I also really like being able to start and stop work when I feel like it. I don’t like to be limited to working only certain hours a week. However, working from home is not an easy thing to do. If I work from how I will have to do jobs like editing, proofreading, translation etc, which are boring to most people but are interesting to me because I like learning lots of new things. These kinds of jobs can earn good money but I just want to make enough money to live a comfortable life. To be self-employed you have to work very hard as it isn’t very stable but I would rather work 12 hours a day for myself that 8 hours for someone else. This dream is not something that can be achieved overnight. I will have to work long hours, build connections, and sharpen my skills in order to succeed. 


If you would like, go ahead and try translating it yourself and tune in later to see the corrected version. I will be uploading the video for this to my Youtube channel sometime in the next few days. And remember, if you would like to submit an essay for me to translate in one of my videos you can click the “Submit an Essay” tab on the menu.




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