Topik 제17회 Reading 34-60 Videos


I actually had a lot of fun making this video. I broke it into six parts so that you wouldn’t have to flip through the entire thing just to find a problem. Each video is also around 10 minutes or shorter. I would have liked them to be a bit shorter but that would mean doing one video per problem which is a bit extreme to me. I found that after doing this video and over paying attention to (wow is that a new verb)…..focusing heavily on(?) the grammar in front of me allowed me to really see Korean for what it is as a language. I know some people like to take the organic approach to a language and just “feel” it out but I’ve found it takes me much longer to get the feeling of what the meaning of a grammar structure is when I could just look it up. Anyway, I hope it is of some benefit to people who are preparing for the Topik in the near future. Even though the test structure has changed a bit, the past exams still offer plenty reading passages that can only benefit a learner!



By Charm

I am an American 20-something living in South Korea teaching English to Koreans of all ages and teaching Korean to myself. You can find my journey on

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